Industry bodies and Organisations to contact with regards to recycling in South Africa
* Promoting the recycling of PET:
* Promoting the recycling of Polystyrene:
* Information on Plastics and how to recycle it:
* Information on Paper recycling:
* Information on Tin Cans Recycling and Collections:
* Institute of Waste Management:
* PC computer reuse and recycling in Cape Town
* Electronic (E-Waste) Recycling in Johannesburg:
* E-Waste Association of South Africa (eWASA):
* WWF South Africa:
* Using Recycling to improve lives of individuals with mental disabilities:

Industry bodies and Organisations to contact with regards to recycling in Namibia
Recycle Namibia Forum: Contact Anita Witt – RNF Coordinator , Tel : 081 122 6063 / 238919, Fax to Email : 088 652 6263

(See our section on Recycling Collectors for a listing of companies that can collect your recycling in your area.)

Useful Eco-friendly Websites and Directories
* Eco Atlas
* Enviropaedia
* Green Africa Directory
* GreenWorks
* Green Guerillas
* Heritage, the Environmental Management Company
* Harmonious Living
* Life in Balance
* Liveeco
* The Green Times ((
* The Big Green Directory ((
* Urban Sprout

Composting and Biodegradable products
* Purchase composting bins for your organic waste from Full Cycle
* Purchase biodegradable products from Green Home
* Purchase Bokashi & other Composting products from Earth ProBiotic
* Detailed resource on Composting:
* Composting advice and services, based in Cape Town, from ZTL Organics:

Conscious Products and Services
EcoExhibit at the <a href=”
EcoHeat – environmentally-conscious heaters <”>
EcoHeat – environmentally-conscious heaters
Premier Pallets – they will purchase second hand plastic pallets from your company
Spaas – Flat-packed high design office furniture, made locally from FSC-certified wood.