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Collection Point For Batteries

Here is a list of the Top 10 Toxic Pollution Problems our world faces today, in no particular order:

1. Lead-Acid Battery Recycling


These rechargeable batteries are composed of lead plates and sulphuric acid in a plastic case. The battery recycling business is a very large industry, and although it aims to reduce the number of disposable batteries as solid waste, batteries contain a high number of toxic metals and chemicals like lead oxide that lead to the pollution of our water and contamination of soil.

Four Chas Everitt offices in Cape Town South have offered to be drop-off points for old batteries and will undertake to ensure these are safely disposed of.  The participating Chas Everitt estate agency points are Fish Hoek Man Road, Warwick Square Claremont, 41 Tokai Road Tokai and Meadowridge Shopping Centre. It is suggested that you keep a container and when it is full you can drop it off at the reception.
Enquiries to 021 200 5882

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